Is my car stolen? Check If your car is stolen for free


If you're a car owner, one of your worst nightmares might be waking up to find your beloved vehicle missing. Car theft is an unfortunate reality, and it can happen to anyone, regardless of how cautious you are. The good news is that there are ways to check if your car has been stolen, and one of the most accessible options is a free car checkup.

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What is a Free Car Checkup?
A free car checkup, often referred to as a stolen car check or vehicle history check, allows you to verify essential information about your car using its registration number or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This process can help you determine if your car has been reported as stolen, involved in any accidents, or has outstanding finance.
Read more about VIN Check on  VIN Check and Check Your Car.

Can I Get a Free VIN Number Check to See If Stolen?

Yes, you can! With CarCheckup's free car check service, you can easily perform a vehicle history check using your car's registration number. By entering your car's registration details, you can uncover essential information about your vehicle, including whether it has been reported as stolen or involved in any fraudulent activities. CarCheckup provides a user-friendly platform that allows you to perform up to five searches within a 24-hour period per IP address, giving you peace of mind and valuable insights into your car's history.


Is There a Free App to Find a Stolen Car?

Certainly! CarCheckup, a reliable platform for car history checks, offers comprehensive services to help you verify if your car is stolen. By performing a free car check using your car's registration number, you can access necessary car information derived from DVLA and the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB). This initial result is a free check that confirms essential details about your vehicle, including whether it has been reported as stolen. With CarCheckup, you can stay informed and protect your investment by ensuring your car's safety and authenticity.

How Can I Find My Stolen Car in the UK?
If you're in the UK and suspect your car might have been stolen, you can head over to a free vehicle history check Car CheckUp. By entering your car's registration number, you can obtain essential car information derived from DVLA and the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) to confirm some crucial details about your vehicle.

What is the Charge for Stealing a Car in the UK?
In the UK, the theft of a motor vehicle is considered a summary-only offense and is dealt with by the Magistrates Court. The maximum sentence available for stealing a car is 6 months imprisonment, although the majority of cases are often handled by Community Orders.

Is There a Free Alternative to Carfax?
Yes, there is! is one of the platforms that offer vehicle history information based on a car's VIN or license plate number. This includes details about accidents, odometer readings, and damage. promotes its reports as no-cost alternatives to those offered by Carfax and its competitors.

Is Carfax Free to Use?
While Carfax typically charges for its vehicle history reports, you can sometimes get a free CARFAX report through many dealer websites. As you browse a dealer's used car inventory, look for links to free CARFAX Reports, or you can contact the dealer directly to request one. Use Car CheckUp, To Get a Free package of your car report.

How Can I Track My Stolen Car by VIN Number?
If your car is stolen, taking immediate action is crucial. One of the steps you can take is to track your stolen car using its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Car CheckUp,  allows you to purchase a vehicle history report by entering your car's VIN and credit card details, which can help you in the recovery process. Additionally, don't forget to contact the police and report the theft as soon as possible.

Can I Check My Car History for Free?
Yes, you can learn a vehicle's history for free by visiting the  Car CheckUp. We provide a vehicle history report with essential information about titles, insurance loss, salvage records, and tons of other checks.

Is NICB Legit?
The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) is a legitimate organization and a U.S. insurance industry trade association focused on preventing, detecting, and defeating insurance fraud and vehicle theft. It carries out information analysis, investigations, training, legislative advocacy, and public awareness initiatives to combat vehicle-related crimes.
In Car CheckUp, we use the UK Government's real-time data and Experian data to provide the best car history report in the UK.

Can Someone Fake a VIN Number?
While it's difficult to hide a stolen car or a fake mileage reading from a reliable VIN decoder, hardcore fraudsters may attempt to fake or clone vehicle identification numbers (VIN plates) to sell worthless cars. This is why Car CheckUp, is important for viewing your car's full history report. 

Can I Locate My Car with My Phone?
Yes, you can use various smartphone apps to locate your parked car. Apps like "Parked Car Locator" for Android allow you to set your parking location, and when you need to find your car, it guides you with directions to its location.


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Remember, while free car checkups and VIN number checks can be valuable tools in identifying potential issues with a car, it's always wise to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before purchasing any vehicle, especially if you suspect it might be stolen.