Check Mileage History in MOT Tests

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Outstanding Finance Check
Condition Record Check
Written Off Check
High Risk Record Check
Scrapped Record Check
Accident Record Check
Mileage Anomaly Check
Mileage History Check
Engine Number Check
Engine Codes Check
VIN Number Check
Chassis Number Check
Number Plate Change History
Vehicle Previous Keepers Check
Vehicle Color Change History
Imported Record Check
Exported Record Check
Fuel Type Check
Number Plate Validation
Log Book (V5C) History Check
MOT History Check
CO2 Emission/Band Check
VIC Inspected Record Check
Pre-registration Usage Check
Engine and Technical Information
Weight and Dimension Check
Vehicle Performance Data Check
Vehicle Eco-Environmental Data
Certificate of Destruction Check
Manufacture Year Check
First Registration Date Check
Vehicle Colour Check
Wheel Plan Check
Type Approval Category Check
CO2 Emission Check
Road Tax (VED) Check
Make and Model Check
ULEZ Check
Insurance Status Check
Euro Status Check

How to Check MOT and Mileage History ?

We provide a comprehensive MOT history mileage check service, offering full mileage history and MOT history. More importantly, we perform a mileage anomaly check for free. We are the only company that provides this mileage anomaly check at no cost. This service is crucial for ensuring the accuracy of a vehicle's mileage and protecting against odometer fraud.

To perform an MOT history mileage check, simply enter the vehicle registration number in our system. Our integrated service with official DVLA and DVSA databases ensures accurate and up-to-date information instantly.

Understanding MOT History and Mileage Checks

The MOT history and mileage checks are essential for anyone looking to buy a used vehicle in the UK. The MOT history provides details about the vehicle's past tests, including any failures and advisories, while the mileage check verifies the accuracy of the recorded mileage over time. This information helps you assess the vehicle's condition and identify any potential issues related to odometer tampering.

Frequently Asked Questions about MOT History Mileage Check

What is an MOT history check?

An MOT history check provides detailed information about a vehicle's previous MOT tests, including the dates of the tests, results (pass or fail), and any advisories or defects noted by the tester.

Why is checking the MOT history important?

Checking the MOT history is important because it reveals the vehicle's condition over time, highlighting any recurring issues or maintenance needs. It also provides insights into how well the vehicle has been maintained.

What is a mileage anomaly check?

A mileage anomaly check compares the recorded mileages from various sources to identify any inconsistencies or potential tampering. This check helps ensure the accuracy of the vehicle's odometer reading.

How can I access a vehicle's MOT history and mileage check?

You can access a vehicle's MOT history and mileage check through our service by entering the vehicle registration number. We provide this information for free, including the crucial mileage anomaly check.

What are the benefits of a mileage anomaly check?

The benefits of a mileage anomaly check include detecting odometer fraud, ensuring the vehicle's reported mileage is accurate, and protecting buyers from purchasing vehicles with tampered mileages.

How often should I check my vehicle's MOT history?

It is advisable to check your vehicle's MOT history annually, coinciding with its MOT test. This helps you stay informed about the vehicle's condition and any potential issues that need attention.

What should I do if a mileage anomaly is detected?

If a mileage anomaly is detected, it is important to investigate further. Contact the seller for clarification and consider seeking professional advice before proceeding with the purchase.

Can I check the MOT history for any vehicle?

Yes, you can check the MOT history for any vehicle registered in the UK using our service. All you need is the vehicle registration number.

What information is included in an MOT history report?

An MOT history report includes the dates of previous MOT tests, test results (pass or fail), recorded mileages at the time of each test, and any advisories or defects noted during the tests.

How reliable is the information provided in the MOT history check?

The information provided in the MOT history check is sourced from official databases, ensuring its accuracy and reliability. Our service is designed to provide you with the most up-to-date information available.

Is the mileage check part of the MOT test?

Yes, the mileage is recorded during each MOT test. This recorded mileage is used to detect any discrepancies and potential tampering when performing a mileage anomaly check.

Our MOT history mileage check service is designed to provide you with complete and accurate information about a vehicle's past. With our free mileage anomaly check, you can have confidence in the vehicle's reported mileage and make informed decisions when purchasing a used car.